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Regular check-ups are crucial for healthy vision at any age. Your eye examination will help us see whether you need glasses or contact lenses and will allow us to diagnose any underlying problems. Problems that are diagnosed early are easier to treat and can prevent any long-term damage.

As part of our standard eye examinations we include Digital Retinal Photography, a simple and painless procedure which takes an image of the back of the eye. This procedure is extremely useful for monitoring eye health and can be used to detect serious problems such as glaucoma and tumours. Your wellbeing is our priority, which is why we believe the use of this technology is absolutely essential.

We provide thorough NHS and private eye tests conducted by our highly qualified optometrists. Our optometrists not only possess mandatory optometry degrees but also hold additional certifications, including Professional Certificates/Higher Certificates in glaucoma and Professional Certificates in Medical Retina. Moreover, our optometrists are proficient in British Sign Language at Level One, enhancing accessibility to care for everyone.

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You can check your eligibility for a free NHS eye examination here . For further enquiries or to book an appointment, use the form below or give us a call on 01274 772 787.

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