Children’s eye care

Get your child’s eyes tested

You can’t always tell when there is a problem with a child’s vision, since they rarely complain about their sight but children often display behaviour that suggests there may be problems with their vision. They may rub their eyes regularly, blink a lot or hold objects close to their face. These are all signs that there may be a problem with the child’s vision.

Regular eye check are extremely important as problems can develop at any time. Children may not realise they have problems with their vision, so it is important for eyes to be tested regularly even if the child isn’t showing any obvious signs of any problems.

If this is the case, it is imperative for your child to visit an optometrist as soon as possible. Early diagnosis of problems can prevent serious long-term difficulties with vision. And because eye health check are free for children under 16, there really is no reason not to get tested.